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Intuition. Composition. Learn to get these two integral ingredients in your art making, to dance beautifully together. Hone in on how to follow your nudges, build your design sense and explore all that’s in between. Let's do this together.

Authentic Art Making - Our greatest desire is to consistently be true to ourselves to create.

Intuitive Composition is a robust course that covers a lot of ground. We dive into many aspects of both intuition and design, accessing your personal freedom zone while also digging into several design concepts & principles. Intuitive Composition is geared at using the unseen & seen to create your work. In this course I share my best practices in my most authentic art-making discovered during my own creative journey. I'm so excited to share this with you!

Authentic Art-Making Begins With You Acknowledging You

Learn how to allow intuition and design-sense dance together.

You'll enjoy plenty of videos, demos, downloadables, a private Facebook community, weekly Q&A zoom meetings to support you on your journey. 9 weeks of diving into authentic art making, intuition, soul quenching expressive creativity and compositional study. You will also have a rest week in between to catch up if life has pulled you a bit sideways : ) As you go through this course you will discover more facets of yourself & develop new ways of working that suit you best while identifying your unique intuitive senses. You will gain compositional knowledge that will relate back to your work and the way you approach it. Join me on this creative adventure in the Intuitive Composition Course.

Intuitive Composition Course Menu

9 Weeks + 1 Breathe week


    • INTRO TO YOUR CREATIVE ADVENTURE • Diving in with Curiosity • 15 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 2 - 4 hours


    • EXPLORING YOUR COLLECTIONS • 12 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 2 - 4 hours


    • PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER • 14 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    • LEARNING TO SEE • 14 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    • BUILDING YOUR PIECE • 13 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    • THE WORLD OF EXPRESSION • 14 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    • BEING DECISIVE & SELECTIVE • 16 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    MODULE 8 - TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE (1WEEK) • CREATING FROM WITHIN. • Fleshing out your unique tendencies • 15 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours


    MODULE 9: PULLING IT ALL TOGETHER (1WEEK) • 11 Video Lessons • Videos range approx 2 - 30 minutes • Time for Module Allow for 3 - 6 hours • Special Wrap-up session

New Content + An Additional Module Added

I've added new content to ICC 2024 to give more clarification to the design and creative process helping you to pull together and digest the course material and use it in tangible ways. The oh-so-nebulous creative process is often where we get snagged. So much to keep in mind. You'll definitely appreciate this course and these golden nuggets. There are several ways I share content so if one way doesn't land, another one will.


I love sharing and helping other artists whenever I can. Enjoy the bonuses I offer throughout the ICCourse.


    Problem solving is one of my favoured skills and I don't hold back sharing these with you. At times it's taken much trial & error to figure things out. I hope you gain more creative time in your studio using my helpful tips!


    I love to inspire! I believe my willingness to explore, fail and brush myself off quick serves me well and lightens the load of the heart. I offer you a variety of sources of inspiration, some visual, some sensory, some experiential. Enjoy them all!


    I offer a sneak peek into my painting process on larger pieces. These pieces are made for me but I allow you to watch, listen and glean from what I'm learning while working on the Big 3

Listen in on these brief chats with ICC Graduate Artists

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Graduate artist of Intuitive Composition - Kathleen Roby

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Graduate artist of Intuitive Composition - Charley Hampton

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Graduate Artist of Intuitive Composition - Jen Brannon

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I know this is for me?

    Intuitive Composition is designed to help artists create "their own unique art". You'll see me work as I discuss intuition and composition however, the course focus is on assisting artists to listen to their own intuition, creating "their work" while learning to strengthening their design sense. I paint in several videos so you'll see me creating while I discuss and demonstrate. I am doing so in order to share with you ways of tapping into your own creative being while giving you heaps of information to help you understand composition in your art. Teaching you techniques & tricks about materials is not my goal or focus. I teach and support "you" to listen to your intuition and to paint "from and like you" while making stronger and more authentic art.

  • 2. Is there a certain amount of experience necessary to take this course?

    You can take this course from any vantage point or amount of experience. One artist took the Intuitive Composition Course, just 3 weeks after receiving her first paint set. She absolutely loved the course and is doing beautifully in her art practice. There are seasoned artists as well that have taken this course who equally rave about it. There is something for everyone.

  • 3. Will you be accessible by email to answer my questions?

    While you are enrolled in the course, I will be addressing artists' questions in the Thinkific Question Space in each Module and in the weekly Q&A Zoom Calls. Unfortunately I am unable to respond privately to questions via email, however the Question Space provided serves far more artists, as we often have similar questions, and is easily accessible in each Module.

  • 4. When does ICC Start? Can you give any other details of the course?

    Sure! The Intuitive Composition Course starts Friday Jan 5 2024 at 11am PST with a Welcome & Get Acquainted Call. Participants will receive access to the weekly Call link. This & all following Q&A calls will always be at 11am PST Fridays. This call will be recorded & uploaded to the platform for members to re-visit or to catch the recording if they missed the live call. The course is delivered in video & text form and weekly calls are Q&A so don't worry if the call time doesn't fit in your schedule. You will still gain access to all the content you need, including the call. Calls are 1 hour unless there are no questions. Then it's a brief 15 minute check-in. Module 1 is released Saturday, Jan 6, 2024. That is one day after the Welcome Call. Things are set up this way so participants have enough time prior to the first module to review preliminary Set-Up content. There are several videos within each Module, often a downloadable document, exercises or assignments. You are able to go through ICC content as many times as you like. These videos can be viewed at your convenience and have adjustable listening speeds. Modules are released one a week. There are BONUS lessons included as well. BREATHE week happens after Module 6 Hope that provided answers for any other questions you had.

  • 5. How long do I have access to the course?

    Once the ICC start date is active, Jan 5, 2024 you have 9 months to use this course material, ending Oct 6, 2023. Plenty of time to go at your own pace and spread your process across the calendar but succinct enough to stay committed to developing your creative intuition and art practice.

  • 6. I love materials, will I learn about these in your course?

    I hear you! I love art materials too! I think we artists all adore them. You will absolutely discover more about materials in this course. To remain focused and on task however, materials is not what this course is about. I share about materials I use while I use them or later in another video or module. I work very intuitively and grab what feels right, often sharing the why. I provide a general material list of "should-haves" but I encourage artists to use what they have already and not get distracted by specific supplies. As you know, our materials are not how we create amazing art. We are. : ) I encourage artists with material questions to crowd-source in the Facebook group as I remain focused & dedicate my teachings on Intuitive Composition.

  • 7. Will you be helping us with tech stuff?

    Things should be pretty turnkey but in the event that you have any technical issues with Thinkific, Facebook, Zoom, Stripe or your computer you can consult my handy Tech Lessons in the NEED TO KNOW Section or best to first update your apps and restart your device. Anything that doesn't get resolved should then be dealt with by your own technical support person or corresponding company help-line on their websites. I am not an expert in any of these fields.

  • 8. What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

    Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me before Module 1 is complete - that is within 6 days of the official start date (Jan 5, 2024) - to get a full refund minus processing & transaction fees.

  • 9. I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have that are not addressed here. Send me an email at [email protected]. If you don't hear back from me, please come back and review the FAQs in case you missed the answer here.

What artists are saying.

Hear from other artists of Intuitive Composition

Michele says:

Such valuable learning…

The IC course was a valuable learning experience for me and I enjoyed every aspect of the class - especially the format, pace and the depth of information supplied. I learned key principles of design, colour/value and composition that will serve me well in growing as an artist. Pauline was very accessible and responsive to all my questions and emails. Her wealth of fundamental knowledge and experience really makes a difference in moving forward in my work and it was so instrumental in the delivery of the material. Thank you for this great course.

Helen says:

Incredibly professional…

I would like to thank Pauline for the incredibly professional way she put this course together and supported the group. The level of detail provided in the videos is terrific and I love the bite-sized chunks of learning. Too long and it becomes hard to concentrate I find, so the mix of longer and shorter sessions is great. I like the way she got straight to the point and was so well organized. I have done other courses over the years and I think hers is up there with the best of them. The handouts were so helpful and I plan on starting the course again as soon as I get to the end as there is so much information provided. I now want to take the time to integrate what I have learned into my practice. One of the great things is I now use so many more of my materials and have them all open and ready. I have a new love of charcoal! The thing that I will always remember are your two key words - exploration and appreciation. I now make time for both and have allowed myself to explore without pressure for results. Thanks again for the generosity you have shown in sharing your learning. It’s been wonderful and I’m so glad I decided to take part.


Original & Insightful…

I registered for this course because I'd heard so many wonderful things about Pauline as a teacher. I was not disappointed. The course modules were well-organized and presented with lots of examples and demonstrations, allowing students to find the best way into the material for them. The Facebook group was positive and encouraging. I particularly appreciated how attentive Pauline was to members posts, providing a good balance between enthusiastic support and questions that led us to think more deeply about our work. The assignments were original and insightful. Several of them have become my 'go-to' entry way into art-making when I first arrive in the studio. I finished the course with a better understanding of how to use the principles and elements of composition to improve work and to find my way when paintings stall. Thanks Pauline for your generosity, authenticity and willingness to share your own art journey with us.


I'm making work that looks like me…

Choosing ICC was very much the right move for me. There are many courses online to choose from and the moment I laid eyes on Pauline‘s work I knew that’s what I wanted to do and was so thrilled when I found out that she offered courses. I had to wait six months to start the course because of the timings and then the other courses came up in the meantime but I held my nerve and waited and I’m so happy I did. I’m a reasonable beginner and very new to abstract but I feel so empowered and my work and understanding of my craft has improved out of sight. I’m confident in how to start and what to do and also when to know to step back, leave it and to come back to it. I find myself so excited on this journey and can’t wait to continue it as I know that I’m just getting better and better every time I paint. I can’t speak highly enough of Paulines fabulous teaching as it makes it so easy. Going back to basics certainly the right way because it reprograms all the bad habits we have all learnt and allows us to tap into our creativity and intuition and make it our own work which is so important. I love that it is my own work it’s not Pauline‘s style it’s mine and it’s nobody else’s but mine.

Jenelle says:

I can dive deeper now…

I wanted to share how valuable ICC Autumn has been for me. I'm an alumni and this year I was able to dive deeper into the Principles with more freedom to experiment and play and as a result I'm gaining clarity in my voice, refining what works in my studio practice efficiently (I work full time), and I'm having more fun than ever. I am never afraid of being stuck in the merky middle or unable to find a composition, I don't have that "lost feeling" -I believe in my ability and trust my process. I am also appreciative that Pauline went above and beyond to enhance and ADD even more content to the second run of ICC. I'm in awe of all that she does for others, all that she gives to artists, the community and her willingness to show up, share and care. You will never find a better art coach than Pauline. She hasn't known this about me (until now 🙂),… I work as an Executive Coach and Strategic Consultant for Fortune 500 companies and I LEARN from her EVERY DAY. She is gifted, giving and an extraordinary human being and I feel so blessed to be in her circle.

Cynthia says:

I knew I wanted to take my painting expression to a new place. This course was the perfect tool!! I’m VERY impressed with Pauline’s work & the professionalism put into this course. Just who you are is a lot and I feel grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from you. I love your work too! What I learned about myself is that I am not afraid to express, experiment & have a very strong intuition. You & this course gave me a voice & tools to express in a different way & with more knowledge behind what I am doing - this is the working edge. I am on a steep learning curve right now - never used acrylics & other ingredients offered. I feel happy & excited to participate in this trajectory of art expression and composition.

Mary says:

When I came across Pauline’s work on Instagram and saw that she would be offering an intuitive composition class, I made a very quick decision that it was time to resurrect a part of me that I’d put on a shelf for decades. I signed up without any background in painting, carrying only a long-held need to live a more creative life. Wow, I had no idea that I would find the perfect teacher to help my launch! Her lessons have been like meditations in not only creating, but also living. How lucky to have been touched by her wisdom! It will take me a long time to go through all the modules in the kind of depth required for growth and I am certain I’ll be back in the course again soon.

Nina says:

It has been a very inspiring and rewarding course. I also made a quick decision to join this course. It was just challenging enough without being too daunting and was professionally presented. Pauline is warm and supportive and is generous with sharing herself and her experience. I particularly liked the step by step organisation of information which put everything into perspective for me. I’m am hoping to continue working with Pauline or doing the course again next year.

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